Monday, September 3, 2018

Online typing simple jobs for students earn $10 per hour

The are five best ways to for online typing simple jobs earn up $10 easily.

If you are a student and having good ability to type pages and have a strong command on data entry jobs then it is golden opportunity for you. We are providing information regarding some of the great ways so you can earn money online by typing jobs. Here we will guide you about some best platforms which are secure and legal websites. Although there are many websites you will see but when you go through you will never get the thing for what you are actually searching. So make sure be patience before you learn about the process and also you need to learn some basic skills before you get start to the typing jobs.

Here we will tell you about five genuine websites trough which you can start typing jobs online and make money online, our responsibility is to find you genuine data so your responsibility is hard working. The websites we will tell you are considering best platforms to cash skills online and make money online.

So lets starts

1 –

Upwork is American freelancing website where you have a great chance to earn money online or make money online, you need to create an account and go for sign up the website will ask you for some basic questions before sign up like (I want to work OR I want to hire) in this case you have to click on I want to work then get start to make a proper profile regarding your education background and skills you got.  You can earn upto $10 per hour easily once you completed and done with your profile on this website.


Freelancer is Australian freelancing websites which offers a lot of simple jobs for the students so they can earn money online.  There are much more jobs for data entry, simple typing jobs and many relevant jobs are posting regularly on this website daily. So you need to create account here then cash your typing skills online and yes you can earn up to $10 per hour easily on this website.  On this website you need to bid for various projects once you get a project you will get start to make money online with your typing job.


Fiverr is American freelancing website which is much more secure and you will definitely get some typing jobs, data entry and many more. This website offering small projects for students if you have strong command on data entry or typing skills you will earn much more money online though this website.  There are thousands of young students earning much more money through this website and we recommended you to create a profile on this website to earn money online.  If you are well committed then you can earn money up $120 per day on this website.



This is also popular freelancing website which offers many online jobs for the students. Although this websites prefer professionals but you don’t need to worry, there are not much skills need for typing jobs or  data entry but hunting job is little difficult but once you seriously attempt to hunt a job then hopefully you will get online job here. Through this website you can earn $10 to $30 per hour. 


5- is Indian freelancing website through which you can hunt many online typing jobs with less effort this websites offering many relevant jobs for freelancer and its offers home base work for the students and professional. You need to create an account on this website and get start to print money online.  


These were some of the best online freelancing websites we mentioned above hope you will get a lot of benefits. If you have any question please leave a comment below we will able to bring you much more information further and we will try to find more genuine information for youngsters.
                                                                    Good Luck !

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